miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011


For this project we will find out:

1.- Which are the Halloween traditions of the next countries: Australia, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Vietnam.

2.- We will make an information card of each country and will upload photos to share our work.

3.- Now that we know about different traditions you can tell what you think about them. Which traditions you like? Which ones you don't like? Do you think is important to respect all the different traditions? Why?

4.- Talk to your parents and other adults that you know. Ask them the next questions: Did they celebrate halloween when they where kids? Why or Why not? How did you celebrate it? Did you celabrate other festivities (Day of the death or All Saints Day)as a kid?

5.- Post the answers using the next structure: After talking with.... (my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my grandfather, etc.) I learned that....

martes, 25 de enero de 2011


Dear friends from Matawan-Aberdeen Middle,
Thanks for sharing what you know, we will start this JVS MAM community!!