martes, 25 de enero de 2011


Dear friends from Matawan-Aberdeen Middle,
Thanks for sharing what you know, we will start this JVS MAM community!!

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  1. Directions

    First log on with username and password.
    Once you are on you will see the home page. At the top right you will see the edmodo, calender, grades, and library button. The edmodo button brings you to the home page. The calender page shows when up coming projects are due. The grades button shows what grades you got on previous assignments. The library button shows glogs made by the teachers.
    Now the left side column titled spotlight has new grades, new alerts, where you get easy access to the most recent grades and access to newest alerts. Underneath the portion that says spotlight it says filters and has alerts, assignments, feeds, polls, and recent replies. And in the top right left hand corner there is where you can access settings and how to log out. Lastly the large box center screen is how to post something , you just type and press send. But if you want to send to a specific person just type there name into the send box. To access any of the buttons just double click on them.

    Directions for Glogster: First, you go to
    Second: you create you account. Your teacher should supply you with your code for your class. You press create account and put in the information your teacher gave you. You should be able to get in your account. You look around the page and you would see create glog. you would press that and you will started you glog project. Happy gloging

  3. Wonderful!!!!
    Thanks for your directions friends!!!!!
    Hope to keep on communicating